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of Aquarium at 4 pm (last entry at 3 pm).



We inform all our visitors that in case of storm alert it is possible to reach

  • the Aquarium ONLY from via Riviera di Chiaia n.246/Piazza San Pasquale.
  • the Darwin-Dohrn Museum ONLY from viale Anton Dohrn n. 49.

beat on the glass or on the walls of the tanks;
disturbing animals in any other way, including annoying sounds or noises, gestures or attitudes that may frighten or make them nervous; introduce dogs or other animals inside, with the exception of guide dogs for the blind and dogs for assistance to people with motor disabilities equipped with a permit;
run inside the hall;
smoke inside the hall;
consume food and drink;
use flash for photographs or lights for video shooting.
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2 adults and 2 children between 4 and 12 at a special price!


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Family Bundle
2 x Adults at €6.50
2 x Children at €4.50
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An immersion in the Gulf of Naples, discovering the incredible biodiversity present a few steps from us, a few meters from the Villa Comunale. The Aquarium, with its historical value and its 19 tanks represents a unique experience to know the Mediterranean Sea without forgetting some tropical environments, new this year.


What to expect

The Naples Aquarium, built in 1874, was the first structure entirely dedicated to the exhibition of the flora and fauna of the Mediterranean Sea.

Far from the spectacularization of modern aquariums, the richness of this place is given by its enormous size historical value combined with the use of the most modern technologies for the maintenance of host species.
Visitors will be guided to discover the diversity of environments that characterize the seabed of the Gulf of Naples, starting from the coastal ecosystems, gradually moving towards the open sea and the sea ​​depths.

We will discover how we adapt to living in a breakwater and tidal area, how a prairie of Posidonia oceanica, which are the organisms capable of building permanent structures, such as coralligenous, which host very diversified populations of plant and animal species.

In the irregularities of the rocky environments and the numerous ravines, sedentary species will be closely observed
like octopuses, moray eels and conger eels that find refuge here.
Some tanks will represent a real window on unknown worlds such as environments deep and open sea where organisms such as boarfish and trumpet fish will show themselves with theirs bizarre appearance.

A dive up to 1300 meters will take you to one of the deepest points of our sea, the Dohrn Canyon, an underwater crevasse about 12 miles from Naples, where catshark, tarragon and ratfish swim between black corals and anemones.
Finally, starting this year, some tanks will be dedicated to tropical species which, due to the increase of the average water temperature due to global warming, are rapidly settling in our sea.

Clownfish and anemones, corals and algae, gobies and shrimps will reveal the meaning of phenomenon of symbiosis, accompanying visitors on a real immersion in the colorful coral reef environment.
We are waiting for you to accompany you on this journey into the exciting and mysterious underwater world with its richness of organisms and its delicate balances.


Duration: 1 hour
Tickets available for purchase: from 1 to 4 (based on availability)
hour: From Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 - 18:00 (last admission 17:00)
This ticket is not refundable
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Family Bundle
2 x Adults at €6.50
2 x Children at €4.50
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All prices shown include pre-sale rights

How to reach the property

Acquario di Napoli

Villa Comunale - 80121 Napoli

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Portici Via Libertà (Circumvesuviana)
650 m - 10 minutes on foot

N.B. : in the event of a weather alert, only one entrance available via Riviera di Chiaia at S.Pasquale height

The opening hours of the structure

10:00 - 18:00  |  from Tuesday to Sunday

Online ticket office contacts


Structure contacts

+39 081 583 3442