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We inform all our clients that in case of storm alert it is possible to reach

  • the Aquarium ONLY from via Riviera di Chiaia n.246/Piazza San Pasquale.
  • the Darwin-Dohrn Museum ONLY from viale Anton Dohrn n. 49.

beat on the glass or on the walls of the tanks;
disturbing animals in any other way, including annoying sounds or noises, gestures or attitudes that may frighten or make them nervous; introduce dogs or other animals inside, with the exception of guide dogs for the blind and dogs for assistance to people with motor disabilities equipped with a permit;
run inside the hall;
smoke inside the hall;
consume food and drink;
use flash for photographs or lights for video shooting.
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Visit Aquarium with sound laboratory

The magic of underwater sounds... when the concert is at sea!

The time selected during the purchase phase is mandatory for the sound laboratory, while the visit to the Aquarium must be made during the same day (29/04/2023).


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